Pre New Year’s Focus

I will be ahead of everyone by a couple of days, so as not to get into a flurry of posts on New Year’s Eve. They say that life is determined by events, not years. This year I managed to live to the fullest.

- Enjoyed…

Wednesday. Two years have passed in a new country.

I remember how I came to Germany with a startup without knowledge of German. The startup didn’t take off — I was left completely without money.

I remember how I went through three-hour interviews, not understanding 50–60% of what was said. I remember how I signed the contract on the last day of my stay in the country. I remember traveling on the last train to the Bergisch — Gladbach foreigners Authority for a visa extension.

Without old habits, familiar faces, familiar things, without understanding what is happening.

In two years, my life has changed dramatically, I raised another world in my head. So now there is almost an entire constellation :)

What dramatically and fundamental changes have happened to you in the last two years?

A typical road to the closest charging station for majority of people in 2019 (figurative).

Underdeveloped infrastructure is a real hurdle for the development of e-mobility.

The Problem

Nowadays the required ratio between low power AC charging stations and e-cars is 1.1 in most regions of the world. This number is confirmed in the North region (IEA, 2018) and in the US (NREL, 2017).

Hello. Let’s get acquainted. My name is Aleksandr Palchikov. I’m physics-engineer from Russia.

My team and I are building an infrastructure, where every regular citizen can set up a charging station in his household or parking lot and get profit from providing public access to it.

The idea

The project idea was…

Aleksandr Palchikov

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