How to start the new year or become a “good terrorist” to yourself?

Our brain is a tool with incredibly cool features. After gaining a critical mass of knowledge, it is able to subtly reconfigure, reprogram itself, while comprehending the process of rethinking. A multi-level system in a multi-level system, but there is one peculiarity. The focus of attention — is a crucial thing in the perception of events, of the world.

The brain is not able to process in detail the entire amount of information that falls on us and is forced to choose what is important and what can be ignored. Our internal attitudes define the filter of our perception of all the information that we receive. You always see confirmation of your settings. Having bought e.g. VW Arteon, you will notice that this car is everywhere. The word “car” can be replaced by the word “opportunity”.

By trying to live more consciously, you become (or should become) such a terrorist to yourself, which recruits yourself with only the right/useful information. Sounds weird. Agreeably, it is much more pleasant to deploy a neural system with a plus sign in your head, and be more positive and full of energy. The idea is simple. It’s just important to remember this concept more often.

Go through all your current attitudes and thoughts. “Turn” yourself in the right way. Thought is the basis of everything that happens.

In the New Year with new, improved settings for “our software”. Happy New Year!!!